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Oh noooo 8( man that is awkward and sad. I’m sure it wasn’t your fault though D: Aah it’s a shitty situation

I know it’s not my fault, but it is a really unfortunate pattern…… :/ I feel bad that she can’t use the invites now and they’re probably sitting in a corner somewhere because she’s probably sad to look at them ;__;

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oH NOO I haven’t encountered that problem yet but oh mAN… awkward turtle

yeah…I’m just bad luck apparently… 9_9

Omg no way D: even the beautiful Zelda wedding one?

Yes….that is the one I just found out about actually….

I am a curse…oh my god I’m never doing couple’s commissions again…every couple I do a commission for breaks up almost right after I finish the commission for them….  ._.

I have no idea why I had never seen Hotel Transylvania until now. It was so adorable! I love it!

That episode of Steven Universe was so cute ;__; 



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